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Cooper's Provisions is my new seasoning love!  Your Smoked Salts are amazing!  The rich saturation of the smoky flavor is beyond what I ever imagined.  And, I never would have thought about Smoked Sugar?!?  It's now my new favorite dessert enhancer.  I am looking forward to exploring your entire line of products.  Congratulations!"

Chef Juan, Executive Chef

Chez Montier Cuisine, Decatur, GA

Image by Emerson Vieira

Jennifer H., Owner, Honeywood Farms, Barneswell, GA

"The smell from the box was so enticing... before I could even open it. I knew then we had made the right decision to put these Smoked Salts in our farm shop!

Image by Nathan Dumlao

Michael H., general "Foodie" and lover of the finer things in life.

"I absolutely love the Smoked Turbinado Cane Sugar in my Old Fashioned cocktails.  It is the perfect combination of sweet and smoky.

Tony B., BBQ and Grilling Enthusiast 

Lawrenceville, GA

"These products are amazing!  My go-to would have to be the Original Smoked Mediterranean sea salt.  It truly enhances the flavor of the meat with an intense smoky finish.  It has become a staple in my house and I have turned several of my grilling buddies onto it.  Just the smell of the salt will have you drooling!

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