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Adding Depth of Flavor with Smoked Salt...

Chris Cooper, a passionate outdoor cook and founder of Cooper’s Provisions, began experimenting with salts and seasonings while on the BBQ competition circuit in 2014.  Eventually, his flavorful spice blends became so popular with the judges and attendees alike that Cooper decided to start his own seasonings business.


From there, Cooper’s Provisions was born with the launch of his original flavor; Smoked Mediterranean Sea Salt.


What makes his products so special? It starts with high-quality ingredients, such as the premium sea salt Cooper imports from Italy. According to Cooper, he uses Mediterranean sea salt for its ideal coarseness and purity. Then, the salt undergoes a traditional “cold smoking” process using all natural Hickory hardwood for 24 hours. The result is a savory, smoky seasoning that will enhance the flavor of just about anything you can cook up.


Since the debut of his original smoked salt, Cooper started experimenting with different infusions and flavor combinations. Today, Cooper’s Provisions offers a line of five additional seasonings, including Garlicky, Salt N’ Pepper, Bacon Infused, Smokehouse Blend, and a unique Smoked Turbinado Cane Sugar.

When asked, Cooper will tell you "It's really all about the Smoke.  The flavor it imparts is so intense and unique!"  Not to mention, these seasonings are hand-crafted in small batches to insure quality control and a perfect final product.  Experience the passion, the quality, and the flavor of Cooper's Provisions.

Image by José Ignacio Pompé
Image by Bao Menglong




Founder of Cooper’s Provisions and proud husband, father, educator and combat veteran. Cooper, a passionate outdoor cook, launched his line of gourmet seasonings to the public less than two years ago. After impressing numerous judges on the professional BBQ competition circuit, the rich and smoky seasonings Cooper created became so popular that he decided to start a business. Cooper’s original flavor, Smoked Mediterranean Sea Salt, led to the development of a full line of smoked spice blends, with Smoked Turbinado Cane Sugar being Cooper’s most recent release.  After almost 30 years of serving his community and nation in both the classroom and on the battlefield, Cooper is looking forward to this new chapter of his life where he hopes to continue serving the community one flavorful bite at a time.

Image by José Ignacio Pompé
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