How to Season a Steak...

Okay, I admit, I am a Steak Fanatic! That is probably why I have so enjoyed working with the German team from #Beefer Original, and touring with them across the country over the past year introducing the public to cooking steaks at 1,500 degrees...NICE. We always season our Beefer steaks on the "back-end"...nothing prior to cooking, and we have always used Cooper's Provisions Mediterranean Smoked Sea Salt. The crowds LOVE it!

Perhaps, however, you are not fortunate to cook your steak at 1,500 degrees in The Beefer :( If using conventional methods, well, then go for it as far as seasoning on the "front-end" of things. Check out this link to a Bon Appetite article that describes just how to do this like the professionals. Our only gripe, is that they have not experienced the enhanced flavor of our smoked salt that would have elevated their steak to an even higher level with the finish!

How to Season a Steak Like you Mean it...Bon Appetite



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